Using e-mails with your own domain is much more convenient and also it will provide you with more credibility as a firm when you communicate with partners. Such an email address also looks better in case a random visitor on your site contacts you via a feedback form and you want to reply. How simple it will be to take care of your electronic mail correspondence is often as essential as the quality of the service, considering that some web hosting Control Panels make it quite difficult and time-consuming to handle elementary tasks such as enabling anti-spam security or forwarding your email messages. Because of this, you should choose an email service that will enable you to access everything easily and which will help make the control over your emails fast and easy.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Web Hosting
The in-house built Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, that is provided with each and every web hosting package that we supply, was designed to make everything easy even for individuals who have never taken care of a website or an e-mail address before. It includes a sophisticated, still very easy to navigate Email Manager tool where you are able to access any feature you need with no more than several clicks. With quick access buttons and right-click context menus you're able to do virtually anything - create or delete a mailbox, forward all the email messages to another email, enable SPF and anti-spam protection, set-up a catch-all mailbox, and a lot more. Webmail access and downloadable auto-configuration files for the most used email clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird) can be found in the Email Manager area of Hepsia.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers
Using our Linux semi-dedicated servers, you can access any function associated with your e-mail addresses with no more than a few clicks. The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all our hosting accounts, will enable you to access a feature-rich Email Manager tool where you can view and manage your mailboxes - access the webmail, download auto-configuration files for Apple Mail and Outlook, create a catch-all mailbox or turn on anti-spam protection. For tech-savvy clients, there're features like SPF protection as well as e-mail lists, which are also a click away. With right-click pop-up menus and fast access links, you'll get total control of all sorts of things from one place and with a really intuitive interface. The abovementioned can save you considerable time and it'll make the management of your email addresses very easy.